Home insulation measures have been installed for many years across Scotland thanks to various government schemes and incentives.
However, the impact on carbon emissions from our buildings is barely noticeable and the living conditions in many homes in North East Scotland still fall far short of modern living standards.
Total annual emissions from UK buildings (UKCCC, Progress Report to Parliament, June 2020)

From LETI Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide (p.19)

Piecemeal measures of insulation are not sufficient for making our homes emissions free, or ensuring stable indoor temperatures throughout the year. Most of our housing stock was built un-insulated and remains that way today.
This problem is particularly acute in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.
25% of households are living in fuel poverty, and 
only 45% of existing homes have any wall insulation.
Many homes also have problems with damp, condensation and mould, which can only be solved by having even surface temperatures throughout the home and good ventilation
We need a Whole House Approach that understands how the building works and how it can be improved in the long term.
Building Physics is complex, but it is well understood. 
A new standard called PAS 2035: Whole House Retrofit, is equipping professionals with all the skills necessary to implement this approach and to help homeowners develop retrofit plans.
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