Once you've got a good Retrofit Design, it's important to make sure it is installed correctly.
Ideally you need an installer who is certified to the PAS2030 Retrofit Installers Standard, but unfortunately there is a lack of these installers in north east Scotland at the moment.
This is where the role of the Retrofit Coordinator becomes all the more important.
It is also worth considering hiring one main contractor to undertake all the aspects of work, rather than employing multiple contractors. i.e. rather than having a window installer, a plumber and a joiner employed separately could result in the plumber drilling holes through insulation, or the joiner removing pipe lagging. All these little details are important in a retrofit, so having everyone working together can avoid these errors and lead to a better quality installation.
A Retrofit Coordinator will hold a "Toolbox Talk" with all the different disciplines before work starts. This is important for sequencing the work and ensuring each trade understands what the other is doing.
The Retrofit Coordinator will then make periodic site visits to inspect work and check that things are going according to plan. Existing buildings can often hide secrets, so best to be there when they are uncovered!
Once all the work is done the Retrofit Coordinator will ensure that all the appropriate installation certificates are complete and stored safely.
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