Fundamentally apartments and tenements are no different a problem to solve than detached houses.
The difficulties
 > Many people rent their homes, so making improvements needs the landlords approval. We're happy to speak to your land lord
 > Neighbours may be impacted by changes you want to make
 > Getting buy in from neighbours might be difficult
 > Floor space is usually at a premium which means insulating wall internally can be a tough decision
 > Some of Aberdeen's tower blocks are Listed Buildings, this makes things very difficult. We're hoping to work with tenants of these buildings, so please watch this space or get in touch if that's you!
The good news
 > These homes usually have lots of adjoining walls, so only a couple of walls need to be insulated to make a difference
 > If the building owner can be convinced the whole building can insulated from the outside in one go, minimising disruption for occupants
> Good retrofit in these buildings can result in not needing any heat at all
 > Tenants can benefit from government funding if they are in fuel poverty

Do you live here?
If you live in a multi-storey apartment in Aberdeen please get in touch as we'd love to do a case study on retrofit for your home.
No fees will be charged for this case study project.
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